Top Home based workout & fitness apps 2019 for Android & iOS

We all are running around in busy lives where we find it difficult to find the time and energy to stay in shape and fit. But there is much you can do for your body to stay in shape and work out even if you have a smartphone in your pocket. Your phone is with you 24×7 anyway. So why not use your ride to break a sweat without a gym membership or lift yourself up without a personal trainer.

In fact, our smartphone can assist us in a lot of ways to keep us healthy and fit. From heart monitoring apps to walk distance to workout tracker apps, you can find many free apps at one place – Play Store. Android smartphones have a wide range of sensors that can convey insightful information about workouts.

Here are the Top Home based workout & fitness apps 2019 for Android & iOS that will transform your life.

1) Aaptiv (iOS / Android)

If you love group fitness classes, best free workout apps for weight loss – Aaptiv is built for you. Having more than 2500 unique audio classes in 12 categories, the app adds 300 classes every week, giving you many options to choose from. It keeps you motivated all through the cardio session.

2) StayFitnis (Android)

The best free workout app for Android, StayFitnis is meant for people who likely to stay fit and build six pack abs at a much faster rate. StayFitnis allows you to customize your own workouts that can range from kid to adult and from men to women of all age groups.

The app is friendly for all fitness levels, too, with guided videos from real personal trainers to make sure every move is clearly explained. The app comprises scientifically designed programs by experts, keeps a record of your progress and tracks your weight.

3) Sworkit (iOS / Android)

Hate sweaty gyms? Well, Sworkit – gym workout app for iOS and Android lets you do the type of workout you’re looking for – strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. This app will measure your current fitness level and will curate a six-week program for you. This Sworkit also enables you to customize your workouts by setting the number of reps and the areas of the body you want to focus on.

If you’re too lazy to make your schedule or not made it, this app can definitely tailor your fitness plan accordingly.

4) 30 Day Fitness Challenge (iOS / Android)

Another best free workout app, 30 Day Fitness Challenge promises to make you fit and healthy in just 30 days. Whether you’ve never walked before or just want to elevate your workouts, this app will help you to build your muscle, burn calories, and blast fat no matter your fitness level.

The programs are scientifically designed by professional fitness coaches.

5) JEFIT (iOS / Android)

Another app from the free workout apps for Android and iPhone is JEFIT app. It’s a great app for training enthusiasts that lets you record the reps and weights to improve strength and cardio workouts. Whether you are a learner or gym-goer, this app tracks body information easily creates routine and gives you a detailed database of exercises. It is your best pal when it comes to tracking and storing all your workout information.

6) Keelo (iOS / Android)

Free best workout app, Keelo for iOS and Android wants you to dedicate anywhere from seven to twenty minutes and you don’t need any weights or equipment. Keelo is a fantastic app if you are avoiding or have no time to join the gym. It’s a more intensive app to get a good burst of exercise into your day.

7) MyFitnessPal (iOS / Android)

MyFitnessPal is one of the best and free workout apps to help you lose weight. It is one of the top downloads in the health and fitness category and it has a massive database of foods, quick bar scan capabilities that include global items and cuisine. Having from over 350 exercises, you can choose or create your own activities and workouts. The app is free and contains ads and in-app purchases.

8) Home Workout (iOS / Android)

Home Workout app has different levels of bodybuilding and strength training programs. You don’t need to go to the gym or lift any types of equipment, just follow the suggested exercises anywhere. It contains over 100 detailed videos and animation guides. All the workouts are designed by experts and focused on parts such as abs, legs, chest, and also full body workouts.

This app lets you create your own workout routines. It also has warm-up and stretching routines, progress reports, customizable workout reminders, and charts.

9) 8fit (iOS / Android)

One of the best and booming apps on play store, 8fit is designed to work for every major muscle group in your body. The structure of the fitness plans are designed by professional fitness coaches and gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness and reshape your body while allowing muscle group adequate recovery time.

10) Fitness Buddy (iOS / Android)

Fitness Buddy is an Android and iPhone app that gives you a fully automated exercise and a solid option for general fitness tracking. It makes finding workouts and meals incredibly simple with the options it gives you as you set it up. It has more than 75 workout routines that can be customized individual exercises, all of which have simple instructions and visuals.

The app acts as your own personal trainer, providing videos and instructions for each exercise, meal plans, and personal training plans designed by actual trainers.

Did you find this list of best fitness apps for your Android or iOS compatible smartphone to be helpful? Share your reviews in the comments below.

Here, you don’t need to download or go with all apps, especially at the start of a fitness routine. Whatever you do, find a workout you enjoy enough to keep doing it regularly.

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