The Latest Web Application Development Trends in 2019

We are on the way to emerging ourselves with the latest technology and bring fresh ideas, modern innovation and new initiatives in web app development in the current year 2019. You might say that there is no significant change in your life, but we cannot imply it on the technology that opens the door of the future.

There is always been tough competition in the market when you enter in the race of business. You can never win that race on the basis of sticking to the old methodologies and development levels. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, it’s really important to focus on trends, techniques, approaches that are gaining popularity.

Our experts have analyzed tendencies across industries to create this ultimate lists of web development trends in 2019 that will help your business and website to grab the attention of users.

We are not going to waste your time anymore as here are 10 trends in web development that will dominate in the web industry in 2019:

1) Artificial Intelligence or Bots

State of chatbots as of 2018 (Source: Drift)

In the current technology-based world, Artificial Intelligence is one of the core components of any excellent digital transformation technology and we are moving towards it with new development and advancements. As more companies are implementing digital transformation strategies and accepting the new technologies, the role of artificial intelligence has held its root hard in web developments.

The whole web development trends have recently adopted an automated, instant client support new technology Chatbots powered with AI. A large number of businesses work across different time zones. Thus, chatbots are providing new ways to developers for developing interactive online store having instant online assistance and reach to the clients for their queries with an immediate and accurate reply.

More than 40% of organizations in the world are deploying AI technology to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. It’s a clear picture that AI will emerge as a leading trend in web development in 2019.

2) Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has already created buzz around the world and if you look around in the market, you will find that the majority of companies use the IoT for their enhancement. There are various industries like healthcare, e-commerce, construction and transportation have already taken an initiative to emerge this technology for their business. With its percolation in real estate, retail Industry, and development of smart cities it has shown impact on improving the ecosystem today.

In order to extend geographic reach, a reliable medium can be internet and it’s utilization. Most of business organization are also in utilization of the same.

In 2019, we can further see the IoT collaborating with the automation of business operations.

3) Blockchain Technology

In the last five years, Blockchain technology has created a lot of buzz in the insurance, finance and banking sector. The Blockchain is new and evolving technology mainly used for massive data storage and decentralized currency in a much secured environment without the interference of any third-party.

Now, Blockchain is integrated from native desktop apps to web apps. They are perfect and highly secure for storing small cryptocurrency amounts. As the popularity of web wallets continues to rise, you should consider this sphere for your business.

There is another implementation in Blockchain is called decentralized apps or dApps. The main and unique feature of apps like these is server-database logic storage in Blockchain. Therefore, there is no control of any single authority on the application such as Facebook, Google, etc. Currently, the dApps are moving from the native to the web.

A research based website shows the report that global Blockchain distributed ledger is expected to grow about $5,430 million by 2023.

4) Motion UI

Every product strives to be as engaging and attractive as possible. With a great demand for interactive web design, Motion UI is one of the main web design trends of the current time and coming year. The whole motto of Motion UI is to develop an interactive design and draw user attention with a minimalistic design approach. It gives the best user experience.

Haven’t you seen page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling? Yes, these are the impact of Motion UI. This will help you display your unique style and hold the user on your website. The improvement of behavioural factors will lead to search results by coming on the top position of your web rank. Motion UI never allow unnecessary flash content and different GIFs to display.

Gripping a great hold among web users for intuitive Motion UI will gain popularity in the coming years.

5) Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is one of the most impactful trends in web development. It brings the world wide web together with website browsing experience. Nowadays, you will find many brands that have switched from websites to progressive web apps which gives them a great experience and significant growth in their conversation rates and user engagement.

In a nutshell, a progressive web app is a website that has most similar functionality like a native mobile app. Since they convey the best of websites and mobile apps, they’re poised to remain a leading trend in 2019.

6) Push Notifications

Push notifications are powerful tools for enhancing the overall user experience and marketing efforts of the company. On the website, push notifications provides a way to notify you when new product information is available. You don’t need to go to check it on its website or your e-mail, you can directly check it on the push notification.  It’s easy to manage on both ends of the users and manufacturers.

Push notifications are now being used in most websites for notifying users about a product launch, offer, discounts, sale and etc. It can reach you anytime, anywhere, no matter if you are on that particular website or not or doing other work on the web.

The interaction with a large target audience with push notification will continue to drive their trendiness in 2019 and beyond.

7) Cybersecurity

Nowadays the greatest threats of IT professionals or companies scared of are data breaches, data privacy infringement and confidentially breaches. There are many organizations that are facing the wave of cyber attacks which shakes them and leave their environments with more hazards. As a result, cybersecurity is poised to remain a dominant trend in web development in the nearest future.

Many countries already have their own cyber army who take care of these types of activities and threads. Even they assist them to keep their data safe.

8) Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Application (SPA) has caught attention this year. It’s really making a huge impact on your business by boosting your conversations with the help of Javascript. As we know that a single page application has all the information on one page only and helps you scroll down in an easy manner on a single page. This is helpful in many ways and situation. Without creating a request to fetch new HTML from server side, it helps in decreasing web development time. It also boosts performance and minimizes interruption due to page reloading.

SPAs bring more conversions for your business as it runs perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.


It can be hard to chase the trends since they keep on changing so fast. But why not to try now? So, if you have planned the update of your web product in the year of 2019, it’s a good thought to look our blog – trends in web application development and think of which one can be useful for you. Such changes and updations in technologies are always beneficial for growing your business to a new successful year. So, it’s the right time to boom your business by adopting the current and new trends in web application development.

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