How to Develop Online Taxi/Cab Booking App ?

The concept of online taxi/cab service has been emerged and is also considered to be very useful nowadays. In order to avail and develop this type of online can booking app service, you need to go deep down inside the importance of cab/taxi booking app development. People always love and prefer to take a cab by booking it with just a press of the button on their cell phone. But before you go into the phase of developing an effective cab booking app, you must have a strong knowledge and skills along with experience in understanding the needs of customers.

It’s almost been a decade, the cab booking service has been introduced in India and till now many improvements with features, services, and UX of their app have been added in cab booking app. The growing popularity of cab booking application development has given birth to many mobile app development companies across the globe. Even since Uber launch, many of other businesses have been coming up with their own online cab/taxi booking app services. This shows how the cab booking app industry is booming. The insane growth of online cab booking service has made the customers approach It industry and hire dedicated mobile app developers for developing attractive, responsive and intuitive online cab booking service application. Before creating any online taxi/cab booking app, you need to do a comparative analysis about the existing competitors, prepare a well-defined business network, develop unique attributes, and offer a holistic development process from start to finish.

There are many online cab booking applications such as Ola, Uber, Jugnoo, Meru, Mega Cabs and many others. But not all such apps can win the accolades. Not all these apps grab the eyeballs and steal the limelight. So, when you develop a cab/taxi booking application, you need to have a clear concept of the required app development cost.

Application Development for Cabs

Online taxi/cab booking application for mobile is basically divided into three different categories. There are an admin dashboard and two different apps for driver and passenger. Let us help you out to know about these features accurately.

Application for Passenger

  • Registration

This entity will help users to create their new profile with the help of existing social media accounts or create a new one for the said purpose.

  • Booking a Taxi/Cab

This option will help the user to book a cab type on an immediate basis or for later use depending upon the requirements. You can choose any option as per your choice.

  • Payment Method

User will be able to make their payments from multitude payment methods like wallets, debit or credit card, or pay to the cab driver.

  • Alert Notifications

Alert Notification is a very important feature that lets you know the details of your ride after the driver has confirmed the ride. It will have all the necessary information like driver’s name, contact details, vehicle name & number and expected the time of arrival.

  • Ride History

This option will show the detailed history of all previous rides by the customers.

  • Fare Calculator

This will help you in estimating the total cost of the ride.

  • Driver’s Review and Rating

This option will allow customers to give their star rating, comments, reviews/feedback about the trip safety, time accuracy, driver and vehicle condition.


Advanced Features:

  • Pickup Location

This option will enable users to locate the exact point of your pickup location by enabling GPS.

  • Selection of the Vehicle

It offers the users to choose the vehicle from a sedan, mini, micro, auto, prime cab options.

  • Emergency Helpline Number

This option will help you call helpline number during the time of emergency.

  • Interactive Map and Taxi Tracking

It helps the users to locate all the cabs in the nearby areas and can also track your cab during your ride and locate the map of your destination place.


Driver Application

  • Status

It shows the availability of the cabs. It also informs the users whether the driver has accepted your ride request or not.

  • Reports

Here, the statistics regarding trip details and driver’s ratings & feedback are shown.

  • Contact Customer

Driver can easily contact the customer with the help of this feature for confirmation of their ride and to verify the pickup location.

  • Driver Manage Setting

Driver can easily manage and modify their personal information, payment method, notification settings and etc.

  • Order Alert

This feature will notify you regarding a new trip along with road and payment details. Also, it intimates about cancelling and receiving orders.


Admin Dashboard

The admin panel always plays an important key role in managing to secure the activities of the drivers and passengers. The admin dashboard has multiple tasks like managing financial issues, offering logistics to a driver during emergency trips and giving an overview of all processes which needs to be performed.

Apart from the above features and essentials, you customize your app depending on your requirements and budget to stimulate your business flow.

How Does Taxi/Cab Booking App Work?

The digital world and the mobile world has made people’s life easy and simple. Earlier it was quite difficult to grab a taxi or cab anytime or anywhere we wanted. However, when taxi booking service providers like Uber, Ola, OneWayCabs have launched their app in the market, the process of booking an app has been resolved.

So these cab service providers have made a process simple and now you can book a taxi with just some touch and taps.

Still, sometimes these taps and touch process found to be tough. You can send a request for the taxi through the app; then the app will give you an estimated time of arrival for your cab to your pickup location. And then your taxi reaches there in the given time.

This model of business has captured a large audience and attained great success. And this is going to stuck in everyone’s mind for a long time. To remain in the competition and give a befitting reply to your competitors, every taxi aggregator added enhanced features and better functionalities in their app. However, there are many start-ups who have come up with an online taxi booking app business, but users cannot expect them all to have a variety of functions or the app to be unique and flawless.


The various features can be implemented in your app as per your requirements. The popularity of online cab booking has given rise to new business. You must know that how taxi booking app development may help you grow your business and revert you with a good amount of revenue. The apps are developed in such a way that both passengers and drivers are benefited and the purpose is met in a hassle-free manner.

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