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Food is the basic and essential need of any human being. In this busy, hectic & fast routine, and digital era, online food ordering and delivery application appear like a miracle for them who are either busy or never stepped into their kitchen. They can easily access plenty of restaurants across the city and order their favorite food in no time.

We, at X-Byte – Top On Demand Food Delivery App Development Company USA, INDIA & UAE developed food app for our clients on Android and iPhone platforms.

So, here we have developed the same type of application with amazing features which are beyond your imagination. Our experienced team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of the same type. So now you can download the amazing loaded with features Food on Wheels  app that will be so hard to miss.

Technology We Used

Client Requirement

The Food on Wheels app is the most needed and essential app in the USA which covers the maximum services of restaurants and foods that you are starving for! It’s an app that owned by USA client who wanted people to be seated on their seat and order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants with the help of a seamless and user-friendly app, Food on Wheels.

A concept from an idea to its formation and execution is an actual tough for its success. Clients always have high expectations from the renowned web and app development company who have a huge experience in developing. After gathering the client’s requirement, the talented and experienced app developers from X-Byte Technolabs started to study the feasibility and come up with the right way to turn their idea into reality.


  • Incorporating features like discount vouchers, online payment, restaurant listing, real-time order details and timely delivery.
  • Allowing user to have their own choice customized food.
  • Giving coupons to the new customers, rewards, coupons and special day discounts.
  • Real-time food delivery location and contact details.
  • Efficient to get requests from many users at the same time and handle its customer service.


  • +
    Search: A user can search for restaurants by food, location, price, ratings, offers, and etc. without login.
  • +
    Login/Signup: A user can add his/her details and information for login or signup.
  • +
    Ratings & Reviews: A user can now rate and review the food, restaurant, and delivery boy.
  • +
    Tracking: Once the order is placed or prepared or confirmed, the user can track the whole details. Even user can get to know when the food will be delivered!
  • +
    Update: Updating the user information and details, it becomes easier to know the user.
  • +
    Offers: Now a customer can be benefited of restaurant special discount, offers and avail promo codes by browsing an app.
  • +
    Login: With the help of admin login, he/she can manage and assign the restaurant details.
  • +
    Order Details: An Admin can manage order and work on it as per customer’s demand.
  • +
    Application Request: An admin can approve and reject the application of a delivery boy.
  • +
    Location: The location and city of customers can be managed by the admin.
  • +
    Dedicated Service: it’s a dedicated web portal and mobile application for a restaurant.
  • +
    Menu: It helps to create, edit and delete menu/food item option for any restaurants.
  • +
    Avail Discounts: Any restaurant can provide promo codes and offers to the new, existing and most loyal customers.
  • +
    Order Status: This tab helps to access placed orders and its delivery status.
  • +
    Application Request: A restaurant can also manage and delete delivery boy application.
  • +
    Details: Any delivery boy’s personal information can be found here.
  • +
    Payment: This helps to withdraw payments from food orders.
  • +
    Profile: It is to create a detailed profile for restaurants.

Our Approach

To understand the requirements and user’s needs is actually a difficult task for every developer. Because the developers have to create or build an application that would create a good impact on users by making it user-friendly and seamless. On the other hand, developers also have to emphasise the client requirements to fulfil their needs for the business. Keeping both aspects in mind, our expert developers brainstormed their ideas and came up with some design. Our work approach was very simple. It was to satisfy the client by giving them the best ROI from the business app.

The experienced and skilled team of developers started working continuously on client requirements and after going through the development life cycle, we did it successfully. We turned the dream of the client into reality.


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