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AngularJS is one of the spearheading JavaScript frameworks used for developing innovative and high-performance websites and web applications. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, being the Top AngularJS Development Services Provider Company USA, UAE & INDIA, Canada, UK, offers declarative coding to help enterprise level applications with Best AngularJS eCommerce Web app development services. With the help of MVC architectural of AngularJS, we develop apps that run smoothly to drive your applications with logic. Our AngularJS development services give you more control over your website with the utmost flexibility. Along with creating Angular JS mobile applications, our solutions are built to be scalable, reliable, and secure.

At X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, our highly experienced and expert AngularJS app developers can turn any of your app idea into the reality with efforts. We always keep you updated beginning from the requirements gathering to deploying stage. We give you the complete choice to either choose our exclusive AngularJS app development services or hire any of our expert AngularJS developers of your choice. We are mastered in delivering the top class Best AngularJS Web App Development services.

Benefits of AngularJS Development For Your Business

An unmatched ease of development that makes it ideal for developing full-featured, scalable business applications with AngularJS development.

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Two Way Data Binding

Two way data binding is one of the most prominent features. The changes to the UI will directly reflect in the underlying data model and vice versa.
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Speedy Development

The developers can make great interfaces in a short time without having to write unnecessary code. This will ensure faster development and delivery.
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Open Source Community

Since it's an open platform and maintained by Google, which offers high-quality solutions and server-side rendering.
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Unit Testing Ready

Testing is the greatest challenge after the development process. Having embedded the series of tests of JavaScripts, it makes that the overall quality of software is improved.

AngularJS Development Process

Here’s how we follow all the process to make sure your web app is all set to create hype on the internet.


This is where we plan structure and ideas. We understand what clients want out of the website, then we plan and implement accordingly. Our team of expert AngularJS developers will add their skills to make it more innovative and come up with the solutions in a cost-effective way.


Taking the ideas to the next level, our developers create a design and shape ideas to the blueprint. Coming to this phase, we can modify the engagement model and make the final outcome of it which will be ready for the development phase.


As per the engagement model, the project is ready for the allocation to the experts. And then filling the designs with the developing, coding, and working on framework, we turn ideas to the reality and we send you for your approval.


After the development process gets completed, an application moves to the next phase which is testing and reviewing. With the help of our quality analysts team, we never allow any bugs or errors to make their place in the app ever with manual and automated testing.

Launch & Support

Now your app is ready to launch after passing through many phases. After ensuring the project is bug free, we deploy on the particular platform with your permission and approval. This how we meet our deadlines and never fail to please our customers.

Industries We Serve

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Social Media

E-commerce & Retail

Hospitality & Tourism

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GIS & Geo

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Professional Service & Engineering

Why Choose Us

A company with longstanding software development experience can clearly lead and guide you for your business growth.

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Affordable Services

You do not need to stretch your budget to make your website more effective. It's a completely pocket-friendly service that we provide for your better performance. Being an AngularJS development company, we believe in providing memorable service to the clients.
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Best AngularJS Coders

We're powered with an in-house team of talented AngularJS developers. Having an experienced team, get a chance to enhance the variability, usability and superlative solutions to your complex AngularJS projects.
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Transparent Process & Communication

We provide an easy and transparent process, so then you can have a look at it whenever it's needed. We ensure that your project is performed with complete visibility. With the communication, we ensure that through the development lifecycle, your expectations are managed with reality.
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Reduced Turnaround Time

The MVC architecture guarantees that the application development, testing, and maintenance are quick. Creating milestones at several levels, we ensure your project is developed using the latest technology and gone through the best methodologies.
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Fast Data Processing

Our dedicated team of developers ensures faster data processing as well as compatibility with all kinds of an operating system by a development a website. This will help you to get your project to be delivered on time without having any bugs.
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24/7 Technical Support

Through our technical experts, we ensure your project never gets failed at any point and get the constant support from our team. This will help your project not to be stopped at any point and boost your productivity.

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