10 Essentials to Build Award Winning Ecommerce Mobile App

Ecommerce apps are booming in the current scenario and people across the world have become Shopaholic, Fashionista, Shopping Spree and what not! When it’s about shopping what always clicks us is Women. But today we live in a generation when men are as shopaholic as women. All thanks to Social Media Platforms and their e-commerce apps for bringing the joy in people’s lives for making their shopping easier; irrespective of the time; irrespective of the place. It has made life easier and brought joy to your doorsteps.

With the touch of digitalization, mobile e-commerce is exploding their wings. With the advent of ecommerce, the internet is transformed into a huge marketplace. There are numbers of successful businesses who have taken advantage of the e-commerce technologies and made a huge impact in the market with their presence.

Keeping mobile in mind, e-commerce businesses have made their footprints in the market with their online strategy. The primary focus for online retailers is to offer an attractive and intuitive e-commerce mobile app shopping experience.

In the tough race between the competitors, who don’t have a dream of running a successful business with customers crowded all over the shop? The perfect and awesome e-commerce mobile app can be your dream come true business as you can target the customers from across the world and you don’t have to travel to market for your brand and its promotions – that’s an add-on for your business.
In order to acquire and retain customers, you need to give them the best buying and user-friendly e-commerce mobile app experience. The key to success and reach to your roadmap is to connect with customers at every touch point and provide them hassle-free services. Many businesses make mistakes of not giving attention to their app or not revamping it with the customer-touch. Here, we are giving you some of the most important useful tips to make your e-commerce app an award-winning and never make such mistakes that may cost your business high.

For the ease of understanding, we have divided the article into sections which will help you a clear picture of how to build an award winning e-commerce app.

Essential Features in E-commerce App

1) Simple & Uncultured Design

Since the design element plays an important role in how buyers behave in your app. the best e-commerce apps have a simple and uncluttered design which allows the user to stay on their app for more time. They don’t prefer their apps to behave with unnecessary bells and whistles. Creating a very complicated design with lots of pop-ups, animations and text, you may lose the user and customer as well. The interface has to be simple with ease of understanding. This will definitely boost the user experience due to the ease of use.

2) Security

In the case of e-commerce, you need to enter a lot of private information as a user. Some of the information also includes bank account details, credit/debit card number, address, phone number, etc. You cannot make the way easy for hackers to steal personal information from users. Do keep an eye on the security level of the app, use secure gateway payment methods and SSL encryption. Ensure that there are no loopholes.

3) Catchy Images

Your images communicate your brand and tell the story of your product. Your app must give a smooth experience to the user even on slow internet connections. All you have to do is to optimize your content and product image. People try to upload a low-quality picture on the app, that really affects the company’s image. Make sure when you upload a product image, it must be high quality and clarify.

4) Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration will surely help your business to give a boost to reach in the hand of every customer. You can be in touch with them by chatting on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter or pinning on Pinterest. This will help you do marketing for your product and share your special discounts on their social media accounts. You can give the signup and easy login process to the customers. Additionally, you can enable the users to share their experience of shopping on social media which help you gain trust and publicity in the market.

5) Easy Checkout

It’s very important to reduce cart abandonment rate and retain the existing customer while checking out from an app. Once the customer has added the product to the cart then you should ensure that the user has a quick and easy check-out option. With a complicated check-out process, you may lose a customer. So better try to keep check-out process simple, direct and easy. To smoothen the process, you can add or provide inbuilt wallet system.

5 Ways to Give a Competitive Edge to Your E-commerce App

1) Geofencing

In business, location plays a very important role. Geofencing is the technology that enables location-based marketing. With the help of GPS, RFID, Bluetooth beacons, it will allow your app to identify the location of the user. Thus, helps you send customized marketing messages to the user based on his/her location. Let us give you an example. Being a business owner, you can send promotional offers as soon as the user enters a mall or marketplace.

2) Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lets your objects come into the real-world using the user’s mobile. In this world, Apple and Google have already stepped into Augmented Reality (AR) industry with their individual frameworks for AR content development. Using AR, you can let your customer feel and see how the product should be looking through multiple angles after buying it. This will ensure that users are actually satisfied with what they are looking for and supposed to buy.

3) Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing provides a rich user experience to the users. By integrating e-commerce app to cloud computing, there will not be any chances of crash under the load and break down. You can also make use of mobile cloud computing, the recommendation engine, and chatbots in your e-commerce mobile app to provide the best user experience so that they come back on your app again to buy from your store. This will smoothen your app and increase the satisfaction of the user. So whether you wish to conduct a flash sale or shipping orders on festivals, you can provide a hassle-free and no glitch mobile buying experience to your customers. Because no one likes to use a slow loading app.

This Mobile Cloud Computing surely gives your e-commerce mobile app a competitive edge and help it steal customers from competitors.

4) Recommendation Engine

Analyzing user behaviour, a recommendation engine showcases personalized suggestions. It tells the user that they are most likely to purchase by showing it on the screen. This helps you retain customers, engage users and improve cross-selling. The whole algorithm of the recommendation engine is designed in such a way that helps the app to learn user’s behaviour, preference and only shows those products which they are interested in. It’s somewhat like similar to most renowned apps like Amazon and Netflix where you have had this experience.

5) Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most powerful engaging tools to keep your customers engaged and gives all the relevant information regarding the product or services. It understands human inputs and gives the output accordingly. Chatbots use natural language processing to understand the context behind a user query and then gives the suitable solutions of that. A customer can throw a query of product information, suggestion, service help etc with the virtual assistant.

Driving on the road of success in e-commerce is not easy but it is not impossible either. With the right techniques, tools, hiring right development team or company, you can earn good amount of revenue through your e-commerce mobile app and taste the essence of success. If you are really looking for the dedicated e-commerce app developers and in doubt who to hire, then you have landed on the right page. Yes, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is the right place for all your solutions. Follow the above tips, hire our team and let us help you build the best award-winning e-commerce mobile application.

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